Ship-by Dates and Processing Times

Ship-By Dates and Processing Times

The processing time is the length of time between when an item is ordered and when it ships. This can help set clear expectations for buyers.

Also, as part of the All Public Art Seller Protection Policy, setting a processing time effects when a buyer can open a case.

If an order contains items with different processing times, the timing for when a buyer would be eligible to open a case will be based on the slowest processing time plus the shipping time. For items without specified processing times, a buyer is given a 5-weekday processing time to help determine when they can open a case.

Also, if the order is being shipped domestically, there will be an additional 2-weekday shipping time before buyers can open a case. If it’s shipped internationally, there will be an additional 10-weekday shipping time to before the buyer can open a case.

How do I set/edit a processing time?

When creating or editing a listing you can add your processing time in the shipping area.

For each listing, you can choose from a list of predefined processing times, or you can select your own, which can range from 1-10 business days or 1-10 weeks. You can also include processing times in Shipping Profiles.

Where can you see it?

For buyers, the processing time is displayed during the checkout process.  


Once a purchase has been completed and marked as paid, buyers can see a ships by date on their Receipt page for their purchase.


For sellers, the processing time appears in your Sold Orders and Receipt pages.


What if I need to change my "ship by" date?

For each order, you will have one opportunity to edit the “ship by” date. This will also automatically update the ship by date on the buyer's Purchases page.

You'll be required to add a note explaining why, which is automatically included in a conversation sent to the buyer with the updated “ship by” date. Please note: the updated date can’t be more than three weeks later than the original “ship by” date.