Process for receiving and using APA Tokens


1. Create an Account on When you sign up on All Public Art you will have the ability to choose whether you want to have an APA token account as well, which will allow you to receive your APA tokens.

2. Create an APA token Account: In your “Account” page on the website, there is a menu on the left side that gives you the option to “Create an APA token Account.” Create an account with one of the 3 sign up options: Facebook, Google Plus or MetaMask. (MetaMask is currently being updated in our system, so Facebook or Google Plus are the best options).

3.When you create an APA token Account you will automatically receive an Ethereum address generated by our system. We can send your APA tokens to your new Ethereum address, OR we can send your APA tokens to your existing Ethereum address, such as the one you originally provided when you purchased the APA tokens.

  • If you prefer to use a new or different Ethereum address than the one provided by our system or the one you originally provided, please provide it to us via the online form before August 1, 2019.
    • 4.CONFIRMATION FORM: Fill out the online form provided to you…. It can also be found HERE It needs to contain the ETH address you want your tokens sent to. The form will contain the following information for you to provide:

      • Your Full Name
      • Your APA profile name
      • The Ethereum Address you prefer to use for your APA tokens.

      5.Once we confirm the details you provided in your Confirmation Form we will send the APA tokens to the Ethereum address you provided. You will be able to see the amount of APA tokens you possess in your APA token Account.


All Public Art has two types of tokens: an ERC-20 token called the APA Token and an ERC-721 token, called the APArt token. Here’s the difference:

The APA token, which is an ERC-20 token, is used as a currency and medium of exchange so that artworks and items can be traded on When you acquire APA tokens (ERC-20 tokens) on All Public Art, you’ll receive them in your Ethereum address in your APA Account and will be able to acquire art or items on All Public Art.

APArt Tokens are ERC-721 tokens designed to identify each artwork that has been posted for sale on on the blockchain. When an artwork is posted for sale, its details are logged on the blockchain. The owner of the artwork is also the owner of the unique ERC-721 token that the artwork is associated with on the blockchain.

Using APA tokens on All Public Art and plans to be on an Exchange

APA tokens are utility tokens designed to be used only on, however, we are currently working on preparing the APA tokens to be positioned so that in the near future we can have the option of legally featuring them on Exchanges. At the moment, APA tokens are not designed to be used on an Exchange. Since APA tokens are utility tokens, we legally cannot trade APA tokens for USD or other forms of fiat. The APA tokens are designed to be used as utility tokens on to be traded for artwork and items with the intention of creating a great environment for artists and art collectors to come together and trade, while taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.

Purchasing art and items with APA tokens

When you acquire APA tokens you can use them to purchase artwork on If you are an artist, you can use them to acquire a variety of items, art courses and get access to art events. We are in the process of adding items that we believe will enhance the lives of artists. Since APA tokens are utility tokens, we legally cannot trade APA tokens for USD or other forms of fiat. Some token holders want cash for their tokens, but since All Public Art cannot have our utility tokens be traded for cash or fiat, we have found beneficial ways for our art community to get value from the network we have created.