Minors on All Public Art

Minors on All Public Art

Individuals under the age of 18 are considered minors on All Public Art. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian manage their All Public Art accounts. Additionally, those under the age of 18 may not use All Public Art's community features, such as the on-line message system, under any circumstances.

The following restrictions are in place for legal reasons, not because we think kids or teens are any less creative or capable.

Accounts on All Public Art

All minors, both buyers and sellers, must follow these policies on All Public Art:

  • Minors may not make purchases unless done under the direct supervision of the parent or legal guardian who manages their account.
  • All financial information on the account, such as a credit card or PayPal account, must be that of a parent or guardian.
  • Minors must update their Profile Account to disclose who is involved in the account, e.g., "[Minor’s first name] has permission to make purchases on All Public Art, and her/his parent/guardian oversees this All Public Art account."
  • The parent/guardian of a minor must write to contact@AllPublicArt.com with a statement of permission. The subject line should be "Parent/Guardian of [All Public Art username] wishes to activate account.”

Selling on All Public Art

Minors who wish to sell on All Public Art must follow some additional policies:

  • Use the “About Profile” on your “My Account” profile to disclose all members of the Items for Sale Store, including the parent or legal guardian.
  • All billing information must belong to the parent/guardian responsible for the account.
  • If using PayPal, register with the parent/guardian’s information.

For more information please review our Terms of Use here.