Item for Sale Store Policies

Item for Sale store Policies

Your Item for Sale store Policies provide a brief description of what your buyers should expect when purchasing from your Item for Sale Store. Here, you can outline your policies for payment, shipping, and returns/exchanges.

If your Item for Sale Store isn't open yet, you won’t be able to add your policies until you open your Item for Sale Store. 

Creating Your Item for Sale Store Policies

Make sure you create policies that you would appreciate and trust as a buyer. Provide your buyers with important information about how you do business, such as:

  • Shipping turnaround time
  • Whether or not you offer refunds or exchanges
  • How you handle customs and duty fees
  • What types of payments you accept

Item for Sale Store Policies are designed to protect you as a seller as well as your buyers. By providing policies that are safe, fair, respectful, you can offer assurance and instill confidence in your buyers. 

Craft your policies in clear, concisesentences. Item for Sale Store Policies that are overly wordy can sometimes be confusing and may turn a customer away. 

What are some common questions your buyers ask you? If you receive similar questions from multiple buyers, consider reworking your Item for Sale Store Policies to provide more info up front.

Please keep in mind that your policies must not contradict any of All Public Art's site-wide policies, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the following before writing your Item for Sale Store Policies:

Seller Information

If you are a seller in the European Union or if you are selling to, or specifically targeting, customers in the European Union -- you may need to include the following information in the Seller Information section. This may not be a requirement for sellers in the United States and other non-European Union countries:

    ▪    Your name

    ▪    The physical address from which you run your Item for Sale Store

    ▪    An email address that buyers can use to contact you

    ▪    Where applicable, your tax identification number

The Seller Information section is public on your Item for Sale Store Policies page.

Private Receipt Information

The information provided here is private and visible only to buyers who purchase from your Item for Sale Store. The information in the Private Receipt Information section will not display on the Item for Sale Store Policies page, but will be visible to your buyer on their receipt.

More info can be found here:

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