Molly Hawkins

Another female muralist who is extremely talented has graced our featured artist page and we are so honored that she allowed us to get to know her, as we spread the word of her skills and gift to the world. Her name is Molly Hawkins from Bristol, UK. 

She has been in love with art at a young age, thanks to her parents who have influenced her in this field. At 27, this young lady has already created a lot of beautiful art pieces that have left people in awe. Learn more about Molly, as she shares her life as an artist on our exclusive All Public Art interview.


An Interview with Molly Hawkins

APA: What is the root/birth/foundation of your creativity how did you get started? 

Molly: My folks! Growing up my parents ran this environmental / community arts / circus / puppet / street theatre *thing that toured around festivals. So from a young age, I was strapped in the back of their van with an array of weird & wonderful recycled puppet creations, and unusual bespoke musical instruments. I think it definitely seeped into who I am as a colourful being. As a kid I would offer to be their intern at 20p an hour, getting involved and learning the trade. Ive always had an eye for pattern & colour as a young girl, placing flowers & fabrics together in striking ways. It didnt matter too much that I couldnt read or write so well… I think it was obvious I was destined to be a creative’.  Phew.  


APA: Who do you admire artistically? Who has influenced your work? Who do you study?

Molly: Pierre et Giles create these insanely visual sparkly feasts for the eyes! They are a French duo that merges photography & painting, to create stunning portraits. Their photos have such a shrine like purity to them, but at the same time show a dark twisted fantastical edge. 

Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish illustrator / mural artist who’s work reminds me a lot of Mexican Folk Art meets that ‘retro’ tattoo style. He seems to produce so much work it baffles me! It’s the colours & shapes that resonate with me with Ricardo’s work. The simplicity of drawing block shapes and yet it’s so rich & detailed in narrative. 

APA: What do you want people to obtain when they look at your work?

Molly: Happiness! Is that really lame? I’m a pretty jolly bean, so my work is quite naive and playful. I don’t think I hold much darkness so when I paint I’m mostly using the most vibrant colour in the box. I suppose my work is quite psychedelic too, so I hope people get drawn into something hypnotic… Also I like to use colours that feel somewhat edible! 

SO basically I want people to be tripped out, yet happy with a thirst to lick my work. 


APA: What do you do to keep going when you are not motivated or inspired to create?

Molly: Hmmm this is tricky. I’m just coming out of a creative slump at the moment. A couple of things I do is go and see more things. I just want to see Suspiria, the re-imaging of a 70’s horror. It shook me so much, (as I’m usually well scared of horror) but I took so much from A. Freaking myself out B. The way lighting & costume was used to create suspense and C. Going to see something I wouldn’t usually watch. I then came home, couldn’t sleep, sat in the dark, with my paints, and painted freely onto a wooden board.  Wow, I’m so expressive. So something worked?!

APA: What is the most challenging part about being an artist?

Molly: For me I have so many different strands to myself as an artist… I call myself a theatre designer / costume maker / mural artist / scenic painter / illustrator / puppet maker and sometimes I feel a little lost at which one of these things I should focus on ‘being’. 

The truth is I get bored of sticking at one thing for too long. I enjoy flittering between different creative projects and having a pool of trades to offer, but sometimes I wonder if I just have a puddle of average skills as apposed to one polished profession. 

I’d say I’m a ‘Visual Artist’ for now, and this takes the pressure off me working out what I am as an artist. I basically just like to make big colourful things. ‘Molly Hawkins – Maker of Big Colourful Things.’ So for now I’ll just keep on paddling around till I find something that really sticks. 

APA: What is the best part about creating art?

Molly: Sharing narratives through my work! I love to tell stories through my murals, probably because I’m not very good at verbally telling stories. I usually ruin my stories by being too giddy & telling the finale first. But when I create a mural each element of the picture can shed insight into a different strand of the story I want to tell. I love to play with colour. I mean, I know I usually use all the colours, but they are so integral in creating an atmosphere. 


APA: If you could hang out with one artist, living or dead, who would that be?

Molly: Obviously Frida Kahlo being the influential, feminist, fruitful person she was. Firstly we’d get dressed up in all her incredible clothes, adorning our hair with braids & flowers, and then we would go out dancing to the most charismatic Mariachi band in town. Then I’d ask her about a billion questions on how to become a more expressed woman. Then hopefully we’ll become best friends forever!  

APA: Its a random day 10 years ago, what were you creating?

Molly: A dress - with tiny worlds & theatre sets in! Made out of dried flowers, and hand woven painted petals. 

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