Anna Golec AKA Sonnes Art

All Public Art is proud to feature today an incredible visual artist from Bristol, England. She is 29 years old and she has been in the art industry for 4 years now. Her name is Anna Golec, also known as Sonnes Art. She started really young treating art as a hobby, which eventually leads her to do it professionally. Her passion for the arts seems to know no bound. 

One of the interesting facts that we learned about her is that she treats creating as a form of meditation. Throught this, she is able to fully express herself. Get to know more about this amazing artist, as she graced us her time and energy on this exclusive All Public Art interview with her. She has no doubt inspired us and we're sure that you will be inspired learning about her creations, work ethic, and cool personality. 

An Interview with Anna Golec AKA Sonnes Art 

APA: What is the root/ birth/ foundation of your creativity? How did you get started? 

Anna: Since a very young age, I was always into the art. I was a very energetic kid with a head full of ideas and I loved to paint and sketch. 

My mom is a multi-talented woman and she is the foundation of my passion for art. She taught me how to do something from nothing, how to paint and draw and also how to cook & bake. All the things we did at home learn me how to be creative, how to express myself even if it’s not always a canvas or sketchbook. 

APA: What do you admire artistically? Who has influenced your work? 

Anna: There are few artists that I truly admire and follow but the biggest influence on my work is nature and surroundings. Looking at the other people art is encouraging me and giving an extra impulse but nature is the main inspiration. 

APA: What do you do keep going when you are not motivated or inspired to create? 

Anna: I am not forcing anything as in results I don’t like what I did at all. I used to panic when it comes to ‘unmotivated moments’ but I learn to deal with it and I treat them as a part of the creative process. 



APA: What is the best part about creating art? 

Anna: Expression. I express myself the most when I create. 

APA: What do you believe is essential in creating a powerful work of art? 

Anna: No matter what type of art you do, but if you really FEEL it that might be the best piece you ever have done. 

APA: If you could hang out with one artist, living or dead, who would that be? 

Anna: Alive- MadC Dead- Salvador Dali 


APA: What’s one thing that you don’t know that you want to learn? 

Anna: Be more patient (hahaha). 

APA: Would you rather create 1000 average pieces that all become a great body of work or 1 amazing groundbreaking masterpiece? Why? 

Anna: One groundbreaking masterpiece. It will become a legend. 

APA: If you could switch lives with an artist in history for one day, who would it be? 

Anna: Zdzislaw Beksinski. I wish to see what he had in his mind while he was painting. 

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