Jason Naylor

Jason Naylor, a street artist based in New York City, opened up to All Public Art about everything that we needed to know about him as a visual artist. We were moved by his answers to our interview and we were deeply impressed on his process when it comes to creating art.

His style is more than just strokes from an aerosol can because he literally paint his message with words that will easily elicit emotions to whoever will see it. Find out more about this brilliant artist as you continue to read this article.

An Interview with Jason Naylor

APA: What is the root/birth/foundation of your creativity… how did you get started?

JASON: The foundation of my creativity is positivity. I believe that attitude impacts everything, and choosing kindness, love and positivity can great affect the success of my creativity.


APA: Who do you admire artistically? Who has influenced your work? Who do you study?

JASON: I admire lots of artists, but to name a few, Kaws, Tristan Eaton, Hueman, James Jean, Dasik… I could go on and on. 


APA: What legacy do you want to leave?

JASON: I want to leave a smile on people’s faces and a spark of happiness in their heart.


APA: What do you want people to obtain when they look at your work?

JASON: I want people to see my work and feel happy, uplifted, motivated, or excited.


APA: What do you think your purpose is?

JASON: My purpose is to spread color, kindness, and positivity across the globe.


APA: What is your workflow? What is your creative process from start to finish?

JASON: My work begins on iPad pro or computer. I create designed elements that then get used in my creations. I either project them or use stencils to get them onto walls or canvas. I also work digitally, but regardless, I assemble the elements in my compositions in black / white and then use masks to insert color. As the color evolves, I clean  up black lines and add blending and highlights. Its done when I feel the message is clear.

APA: What advice would you give to other aspiring artists?

JASON: I’d advise aspiring artists that there is no short cuts or substitutions for hard work. Lots of it. Create as many things as you can and keep going. You have to make a lot of stuff before you can make your own stuff. 


APA: In the next decade what do you wish to accomplish with your creative gifts?

JASON: I’d love to spread my work further across the globe.


APA: What is one mistake every artist should avoid?

JASON: Avoid plagiarism.


APA: What do you do to keep going when you are not motivated or inspired to create?

JASON: I sit down and work. Forcing myself to do exactly what I don’t want to is the best way to start. Just start. Pick up the pen and draw. Anything. Doesn’t matter. Start moving.


APA: What most often inspires your work?

JASON: I am often inspired by motivational thoughts or messages or quotes and by anything colorful.


APA: What is the most challenging part about being an artist?

JASON: My biggest challenge is feeling like what I’ve accomplished is enough and not to worry about what’s next. I often feel like there’s not enough time in the day to do more… and I want results faster. But I know to stay the course and keep working hard.


APA: What is the best part about creating art?

JASON: The best thing about creating is the cycle of confidence that it breeds. The more you do, the more you can do. So keep going!



APA: What do you believe is essential in creating a powerful work of art?

JASON: Its important to understand both yourself and your audience, and also understand what your own criteria is for a successful piece. Then you can determine what it takes to accomplish it. For me, a successful piece requires colors and messaging that resonate with my audience.

APA: It’s a random day 10 years ago, what were you creating?

JASON: 10 years ago I was doodling dark, moody, and frustrated pieces with drips and eyeballs. I have come a long way since then.

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