JoAnna Mitchell


Representing New York City, we give you this talented artist, JoAnna Mitchell. Her love for the environment cascades to her art and you will notice how most of them are inspired by nature. Among other things that you need to know about her is that she is a true advocate of saving our planet, as she used to even work for Greenpeace. 

Not only does she create through visual arts, but she also makes music with her sitar. We were thrilled to get an interview with her and here she spilled some of her secrets behind her art.

An Interview with JoAnna Mitchell

APA: What is the root/birth/foundation of your creativity… how did you get started?

JoAnna: I have been making things with my hands since I was a baby. I don't ever remember not drawing or creating things. 

APA: Who do you admire artistically? Who has influenced your work? Who do you study?

JoAnna: Salvador Dali, Jim Henson, Edward Gorey, Maurice Sendak, Ralph Steadman, Jimi Hendrix, Mati Klarwein, Alphonse Mucha, Rodin, (Many more) But above all, nature. 


APA: What legacy do you want to leave?

JoAnna: I hope to bring Music and an adoration of nature. 

APA: What do you want people to obtain when they look at your work?

JoAnna: The connection between all forms of life; networks and ecosystems. 

APA: What do you think your purpose is?

JoAnna: Use art and action to clean the Air, Earth, and Water for the sake of life itself. 

APA: What is your workflow? What is your creative process from start to finish?

JoAnna: Sometimes, what I consider to be "real art" is like a baby: you drink in pieces of the universe for inspiration, you wait while the idea gestates, then one day it arrives, whether you like it or not. There's a certain kind of art that feels like it was going to happen with or without you, but you were the closest available vessel, so here we are. That is my favorite kind of art. 


APA: What is your opinion of art in the 21st century?

JoAnna: Art in the 20th century would take me all day to answer, next question. 


APA: What advice would you give to other inspiring artists?

JoAnna: Keep going. 



APA: In the next decade what do you wish to accomplish with your creative gifts?

JoAnna: To bring my creative work to a higher level in terms of progressive action. I do not want to just portray nature, I want to conserve and propagate it. I don't want to just make statements about justice and equality, I want to bring justice and equality to the physical realm around me. Art is one half of the revolution, the other is practical application. 

APA: What is one mistake every artist should avoid?

JoAnna: Wasting your time on things that will not serve your life's purpose. 

APA: What do you do to keep going when you are not motivated or inspired to create?

JoAnna: Literally anything. Make something boring, make something bad, just make something- now. 


APA: What most often inspires your work?

JoAnna: My own dreams and nature. 

APA: What is the most challenging part about being an artist?

JoAnna: Reconciling the world you live in versus the world you know is possible. 


APA: What is the best part about creating art?

JoAnna: Everything. Especially the moment you know something is done. 


APA: What do you wish you've known before becoming an artist?

JoAnna: That as long as you keep going and show your work, the money will come. Don't give up. Ever. 

APA: What do you believe is essential in creating a powerful work of art?

JoAnna: Love of art itself. Joy in the act of creating. 

APA: If you could hang out with one artist, living or dead, who would that be?

JoAnna: Vincent Van Gogh, because I feel he would understand me. Rajeswari Pariti, because I want to be just like her when I grow up. 

APA: Who do you wish you could meet for the first time again?

JoAnna: My sister.

APA: What’s one thing that you don’t know that you want to learn?

JoAnna: Fluent Spanish and French. 

APA: It’s a random day 10 years ago, what were you creating?

JoAnna: Mediocre goth sci-fi cartoons about visiting aliens feeling strange and clueless in human society. 

APA: Would you rather create 1000 average pieces that all become a great body of work or 1 amazing groundbreaking masterpiece? Why?

JoAnna: I don't care as long as one of my pieces meant something to someone.

APA: If you could switch lives with an artist in history for one day, who would it be?

JoAnna: Joni Mitchell. We seem like relatively similar people, and I think I'd be much better at faking my way through her life for a day than I would with Robert Johnson or Freddie Mercury. 


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Artist's Featured photo by: Monzeeki Photography