Jef Aerosol

Jef Aerosol is a name to behold in the area of street art. This artist is quite a character and his boldness and courage when it comes to speaking his mind also cascade to his work, which always amazes anyone who sees them.
All the way from Paris, France, this artist took his time to share his inspirations and motivations behind his art. Check out our interview with Jef Aerosol and hopefully, you too will be inspired and be driven to either create art or support real talented artists like him.
An Interview with Jef Aerosol

APA: What is the root/birth/foundation of your creativity… how did you get started?

Jef: my childhood, teenage, youth in the sixties and seventies : the pop, rock, folk revolution, the social changes of that time, counter-culture, beat geberation, alternative and social movements, flower power and psychedelia, and later (1977) : the punk wave.

APA: Who do you admire artistically? Who has influenced your work? Who do you study?

Jef: So many people… Hard to give only a few names.

APA: What legacy do you want to leave?

Jef: I don’t really care about any legacy. If any, I just hope that some young artists will keep on creating and use art and beauty to fight stupidity and hatred.

APA: What do you want people to obtain when they look at your work?

Jef: I don’t WANT anything from the people! I just wish they get some emotions, feelings, hopes, ideas and ideals... thanks to art.

APA: What do you think your purpose is?

Jef: Staying alive

APA: What is your workflow?

Jef: what is "workflow?"

APA: What is your creative process from start to finish?

Jef: I don’t think this is of any interest.

APA: What is your opinion of art in the 21st century?

Jef: How can one have an "opinion" about such a huge thing as art in the 21st century!?

APA: What advice would you give to other aspiring artists?

Jef: Be yourself!

APA: In the next decade what do you wish to accomplish with your creative gifts?

Jef: Remaining as happy and free as I am now.

APA: What is one mistake every artist should avoid?

Jef: Never avoid mistakes! Mistakes are lessons.

APA: What do you do to keep going when you are not motivated or inspired to create?

Jef: I listen to music, I go to concerts, museums, galleries, I meet friends, I party, I share sweet moments with my wife and family.

APA: What artists influence your work most?

Jef: Too many to list them, and most influences are quite unconscious anyway

APA: What most often inspires your work?

Jef: Life.

APA: What is the most challenging part about being an artist?

Jef: Being a man, not being an « artist » 

APA: What is the best part about creating art?

Jef: All parts are "best."

APA: What do you wish you knew about the art business before you got started?

Jef: Nothing!

APA: What is your creative process like?

Jef: Enjoyable.

APA: What do you believe is essential in creating a powerful work of art?

Jef: Not trying to create a powerful work of art !

APA: If you could hang out with one artist, living or dead, who would that be?

Jef: Prehistoric artists painting in their caves

APA: Who do you wish you could meet for the first time again?

Jef: Myself.

APA: What’s one thing that you don’t know that you want to learn?

Jef: Impossible to answer. If I don’t know that thing how can I say which one it is ?!

APA: It’s a random day 10 years ago, what were you creating?

Jef: I was trying to create my own balance.

APA: Would you rather create 1000 average pieces that all become a great body of work or 1 amazing groundbreaking masterpiece? Why?

Jef: All pieces have to be "average" and "amazing" at the same time…
"masterpieces" don’t exist! Some people decide they are "masterpieces"…
I am not a master and don’t want to be one, so I never paint masterpieces !
I believe life is all about making average moments extraordinary and extraordinary moments average…
Average should not be a negative term at all. What is interesting in life is that it’s a series of average moments that can become extraordinary if you decide they are.

APA: If you could switch lives with an artist in history for one day, who would it be?

Jef: I’m not interested in any switch of that kind.
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