Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is All Public Art?

    All Public Art (APA) is an online directory and mobile application that assists in the discovery of artwork in public spaces around the world. APA provides a photo-sharing and e-commerce platform for public artists, art enthusiasts, street artists, businesses, and art organizations to post the exact location of their artworks and sell/purchase art-related items.   Learn More

  • How much is your app?

    $0.00 – All Public Art is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • How did the idea come about?

    We love art. We created All Public Art to solve three simple problems:

    1. It’s always been difficult to discover new artworks that exist in public spaces and even harder to actually find their physical location. With the growing sophistication of Mobile phones, we designed APA to help you locate specific artworks that you are looking for, locate artworks that happen to be in your area, and locate artworks around the world, so that you can experience them beyond the screen of a mobile phone or computer.
    2. Exposure and financial opportunities are often challenging for artists and art-related organizations.  All Public Art created its e-commerce platform as a solution for public/street artists who want to make a living or have a side business with their creativity.  All Public Art believes that the power of technology can unleash the ability for artists to succeed and strives to help build a healthy and robust marketplace for artists. Many art-related businesses and organizations use APA due to its convenience and abundance of their target demographic.
    3. Most art-related sites and apps don’t offer all the services needed for artists. APA has optimized the experience of discovery, e-commerce, storage, and social networking all in one place so that artists and organizations can be efficient in multiple areas.


  • What other services are you compatible with?

    Currently, you can share your posts on a photo-by-photo basis on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Blogger, and a few more. Going forward, we plan on supporting additional services.

  • I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

    The best way to get in touch with us is on our Contact us page for assistance with technical issues.

  • How does privacy work?


    On All Public Art, anyone can view your posted photos, profile, write a comment on your posts, send messages to you and “like” your posts. Our social network system allows you to "follow" other APA members to add to your personal network. Members who like your profile can also "follow" you to be notified about the posts you create. Our goal is to create a wonderful community of artists and art lovers who come together to support and encourage each other! For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

  • Who can see my photos?

    All photos are public by default which means they are visible to anyone using the All Public Art app or on the website.

  • How can I sell my art-related items?

    On APA you can sell your items by going to the “Sell an Item” page and uploading the images and details of the items you want to sell. Everyone on APA is interested in art and creativity in some capacity, which makes it a wonderful place to sell art-related items.

  • How do fees work on All Public Art?

    Creating and starting an “Items for Sale” Store on All Public Art is free.

    Once an item sells, there is a 0% transaction fee.

  • What is All Public Art's credo?

    All Public Art's official credo is: "Ubi concordia, ibi victoria"

    In Latin our credo means: "Where there is unity, there is victory." Our credo can sometimes be found in inconspicuous places on our documents.




  • How do I get paid if I decide to sell on APA?

    After an order is delivered and marked as “Completed” on your Manage Orders page, the Available Balance of the profits that you have made from the items you sold will be shown on your “Cashout Request” page at the top of the page (Ex. “Available Balance: $250”).  The Cashout Request page can be accessed from your Account page.  On your Cashout Request page you can enter the amount of money you want to withdraw (withdrawal amount) from your Available Balance. When you submit your Withdrawal Amount, All Public Art will deposit the money into the Paypal or Skrill Account that is connected to the email that you provided in the “Optional Settings” field on your Account page.

  • What can I sell on All Public Art?

    All Public Art provides a marketplace for artists, art related businesses and organizations to sell their handmade creations, products and art-related merchandise. There are, however, some products and items that are prohibited on APA. Please take a look at All Public Art's Prohibited Items Policy for more information.  If you are interested in the rules for selling items, please take a look at All Public Art's Seller's Policy for more details.  We are rooting for your success!

  • Does All Public Art own or have rights over the content that I post?

    Content that you post using All Public Services is your content. We don’t make any claim to it. That includes anything you post using our Services (like usernames, item names, profile pictures, listing photos, listing descriptions, reviews, comments, videos, etc.). For more information, please check out All Public Art's Terms of Use.