Contacting a Seller

Contacting a Seller

All Public Art provides sellers with a platform to sell their items and become small business owners. When you purchase from an All Public Art seller, you are buying from a unique  Item for Sale store, and not All Public Art itself.

All Public Art is not directly involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers. We encourage you to communicate directly with sellers through our onsite messaging system.

Before you place an order

Here are some examples of questions that your seller can help you with:

  • Product inquiries (Can I get this in red?)
  • Shipping information (Can you send my order to New Zealand? Can it be shipped faster?)
  • Processing times (Will I get this in time for Christmas?)
  •  Item for Sale store policies (Can I return this if it doesn’t fit?)

To send a conversation to a seller from their  Item for Sale store page, click Contact  Item for Sale store Owner under the  Item for Sale store Owner section to the left of the page. You can also find the Ask a Question link on any item listing page.  

After clicking Ask a Question, a popup will appear where you can add your message. You can also attach a .gif, .jpg, or .png file image if needed.

If you've already placed an order with a seller

Here are some questions your seller can answer for you:

  • Status of your order (When will my item ship? What is the tracking number?)
  • Further questions about the item you bought (How should I wash this scarf?)
  • Issues with your item (I ordered this in red, but it came purple!)
  • Post-purchase policy questions (Can I return this for a refund?)

You can send the seller a conversation directly from your purchases page.

You can also contact the seller from your receipt page.

Be sure to check out the All Public Art's policies regarding the appropriate use of Conversations.

If you've tried contacting your seller about your order and are unable to reach them, you might consider filing a case. Read about All Public Art's case system.