The All Public Art Token Sale

All Public Art has been in open beta since 2015, however, in order to encourage the growth of a peer to peer, transparent art marketplace, we have created the AllPublicArt token. With the AllPublicArt token, both artists and buyers will benefit tremendously from its creation as it will reduce all forms of price manipulation, collusion and counterfeiting from the online art marketplace. When participating in the token sale, you will be exchanging Ethereum (ETH) for AllPublicArt tokens. Ethereum will be the only accepted cryptocurrency in our token sale.


How Many APA Tokens Will Be Created?

A maximum of 800 million AllPublicArt Tokens will be created and during the token sale, no more than 400,000,000 tokens will be sold.


What Happens If The Token Sale Cap Isn’t Reached?

If the 400,000,000 tokens aren’t issued by the end of date of the token sale, then only the tokens sold will be issued and the rest will be burned by the system.


What Happens To The Tokens Not Used For The Token Sale?

The tokens that aren’t used in the ICO will be allocated between All Public Art team members and advisors (152,000,000), token sale incentive opportunities (8,000,000) and platform incentives and partnerships with institutions and organizations in the art community (240,000,000).


Details of Buying Tokens

Details to purchase tokens can be found on

Buyers may receive a bonus depending on the amount of ETH contributed; 

An individual may not purchase more than 25,000,000 AllPublicArt tokens.



All Public Art has decided to grant participants bonus tokens for early registration and token purchases.

The sooner you register and purchase tokens, the greater the bonus you will receive.

Week 1: 15% Bonus

Week 2: 10% Bonus

Week 3: 5% Bonus

Week 4: 0% Bonus


When Will You Receive The Tokens?

Tokens will be distributed to buyers no later than 30 days after the token sale ends.

Members of the public will have full transparency with regards to the amount and type of funding that All Public Art gathers.