Meeting The Man Behind APA

We recently sat down with the All Public Art founder himself, Graham Goddard, and we posed a few questions to him about why this intriguing project is not only important but his reasons behind merging the art and digital world.

Take a moment to get to know the man behind All Public Art!


1.     Explain what all public art means to you?

APA is an outlet of empowerment for those who deserve it the most.


2.     What drew you to the cryptocurrency scene?

The ability for blockchain to exude the truth is unrivalled with anything else in the world. It was inevitable that we created a platform where artists could thrive.


3.     What can you tell us about the team?

The APA team is a made up of a group of absolute rockstars, from around the globe. Each member is a specialist in their specific field, which ensures that All Public Art serves its mission to empower artists.


4.     Who is your inspiration and why?

My inspiration is the unapologetic artists who demand an authentic existence. This is because when an individual lives authentically and seeks to find truth in the way they live and have a genuine understanding of self, then they reach the highest potential, in terms of experiencing life and for impacting others around them.


5.     Why do you believe in merging the art and digital world?

There is a culture and tradition in art history that has given power to individuals and institutions that sometimes do not have the best interest of the artist in mind. With the blockchain, with the digital world, with technology in the 21st century, we now have the opportunity to empower ourselves; to all come together and to ensure that there is truth and transparency. That there is a basis of love and authenticity that has never been seen before, most of this is thanks to the blockchain and its ability for us to all see what’s happening and for us to all engage in a way that is authentic.

Merging the art and digital world, is something that was inevitable. It’s something that without a doubt, we all are on the path to anyway, regardless of the type of market or sector we’re in. The merging of the art market and digital world is a task that needs to be done properly. Right now we are blessed with the ability to create a narrative and to create a direction for the people who function within the art market. I believe it is my responsibility and the leadership's responsibility, in this new pivoting of the system we allow for artists to be empowered and not be exploited in anyway.


6.     What inspired you to become an artist?

The honest truth is that I was not inspired to become an artist. I think for me, being an artist is something that I am and it is something that is within my being, within my DNA. It’s something that I was born as. I believe that we are all creative individuals, we all have an artist within us, and we all have a creative spirit. Exploring, harnessing and being productive with creativity is strictly a decision and many are blinded by the idea that some of us do creativity better than others, which is not true. Creativity is a God given gift to experience this world with. It’s not important for me to be an artist, it’s really important to just be and to find yourself within this beautiful journey and as you find yourself and go through this journey; reflecting on it, embracing it and speaking about the many steps this creativity can heighten the experience with.


7.     Why should people join All Public Art?

People should join All Public Art because art is one of the things in this world that brings more fulfilment in life. All Public Art has been dedicated to ensuring that the individuals who are enthusiastic about art, who create art and who support art – all have an outlet to connect. It is our goal to create a powerful platform and community that utilizes the functionality to its fullest potential. People should join All Public Art because it is one of the places where not only the highest quality of art can be found, and some of the best artists in the world, but also where the most fulfilling connections can be found. This is what truly separates us from our competitors; we want to ensure that people connect in a personal way, that they have the ability to discover each other, discover art and discover the beauty of creativity in a way that is more about the essence of what creativity and art is supposed to be and less about the actual transactions, actual purchasing and selling of art and events and so on. It’s beautiful and great but our mission is to ensure that we serve each other and the global community who appreciate creativity and art.