Launching APA Platform Additions


Dear APA Community,


All Public Art is proud to announce that the enhancements to the platform will be ready for use by the APA community starting July 8, 2019. The new additions include the ability for our community members to use APA tokens to trade artwork and acquire art related items on the All Public Art platform.

Our system will enable artists to trade physical and digital artworks for APA tokens with art collectors and art enthusiasts. The artwork details and transaction information connected to the artworks will be stored on the blockchain, enabling our community to collectively build a repository that can be accessed for educational, institutional and business use. Having access to the provenance of artworks in our community allows future collectors, buyers and artists to get a more accurate and clearer understanding of the artworks they are interested in.

Each artwork posted for sale in our system is connected to a unique ERC-721 token, which contains information about the artwork on the blockchain. Each of the artworks on our platform can be traded with the APA tokens, which are ERC-20 tokens. These utility tokens, which are designed to be used exclusively on the All Public Art platform, are an exciting step toward implementing technology in the art world.

We look forward to sharing details about how to trade art within the system and we are excited to provide our amazing community with another incredible technological feature that makes the community stronger. Thank you so much for your continued support as All Public Art remains dedicated to ensuring that we enhance the lives of artists and collectors successfully.

Warmest regards,

Graham Goddard

All Public Art, LLC

1055 West 7th Street

33rd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Office telephone: 213.283.2498

Toll free: 877.275.7011