Forming Partnerships

August 6, 2019 


Dear APA Community,

At All Public Art, we are dedicated to changing the lives of visual artists and working towards the betterment of the art community. Our next steps include developing partnerships with organizations and institutions in the art world to bring more exposure to APA while adding value to their initiatives. 


During this time of extraordinary global challenges and rapid technological, economic, political and social change, All Public Art strives to be at the forefront of the visual art field. We are committed to making a significant impact in the lives of creatives, art collectors and the cultural programs that enrich our society. APA aspires to be a valuable resource for the many art communities that are dedicated to pushing the arts forward for the creatives and their supporters in this generation. 

All Public Art has been pursuing influential and cutting-edge technology to meet societal challenges to help visual artists as they make their mark across the globe during this special time in history.  As we seek partnerships with art institutions and global art leaders we are preparing the next generation of visual artists, designers and creatives for the demands of an ever-changing environment. We are focused on cultivating connections, research knowledge and leverage to be equipped to best serve the most vulnerable creatives among us.

The arts have always been a great system for creative individuals to contribute to the fabric of our society. APA is participating in the long and proud tradition of ensuring that all visual artists have the ability to prosper and share their work, while feeling valued and appreciated. We believe that the members of the APA community have the power to enhance the experience of people around the world through the artwork they create. 

With this very special platform, we are setting our strategic directions toward the merging of art and technology with the goal of bettering humanity through the arts. Thank you for being with us on this incredible journey. 

Warmest regards,

Graham Goddard

All Public Art, LLC 

1055 West 7th Street

33rd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017