APA Tokens Now Available!!!

 July 8, 2019


Dear All Public Art Community,

We are finally here! The APA tokens that we have all been waiting for are now ready and available for the All Public Art community. To acquire new APA tokens, sign up with a new account on our website, www.AllPublicArt.com. Here’s how they work:

The APA token, which is an ERC-20 token, is used as a currency and medium of exchange so that artworks and items can be traded on www.AllPublicArt.com. When you purchase APA tokens (ERC-20 tokens) on All Public Art, you’ll receive them in your Ethereum address. The total tokens you own will also be reflected in your APA Account and you will be able to acquire art or items on All Public Art with your APA tokens.

APA Art tokens (APArt) are ERC-721 tokens designed to identify each artwork that has been posted for sale on www.AllPublicArt.com on the blockchain. When an artwork is posted for sale, its details are logged on the blockchain. The owner of the artwork is also the owner of the unique ERC-721 token that the artwork is connected to on the blockchain.

We are currently working on preparing the APA tokens to be legally positioned so that in the near future we can have the option of featuring them on cryptocurrency exchanges. At the moment, the APA tokens are designed to be used as utility tokens on www.AllPublicArt.com to be traded for artworks and items, with the intention of creating a great environment for artists and art collectors to come together and trade, while taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.

We are so excited to finally present the APA token and APArt token to our community, and we look forward to the next steps of marketing the platform to get international exposure within the global art community.

Warmest regards,


Graham Goddard

All Public Art, LLC 

1055 West 7th Street

33rd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Office telephone: 213.283.2498

Toll free: 877.275.7011

Website: www.AllPublicArt.com