APA Token Update


Dear APA Community,


All Public art remains dedicated to ensuring that our goals to enhance the lives of artists and collectors is successfully achieved.

To further our mission, we designed the APA tokens to be available for use in October 2017.   As you may know, All Public Art had aspirations to conduct a token sale that we planned on implementing as part of the process for engaging our community in this exciting endeavor.  Because the regulatory environment around cryptocurrency in the United States and internationally[1] is still in a challenging state of growth, All Public Art is not going to conduct the planned token sale, and will move forward by releasing and providing our community with the APA tokens that they have been waiting for and want to purchase, so that they can start to use them on the All Public Art platform.  

We believe that our community has waited long enough to engage in transactions with the APA tokens, therefore, our community members that have been waiting to acquire them will finally be able to use them. APA’s supporters have also waited patiently for our enhanced system and we are proud to announce that our platform is being improved by our developers to ensure that our community can engage in the transactions and original plans we had for the APA token and the APA community. 

The APA tokens are designed to be used exclusively on the All Public Art platform to trade artwork and acquire art related items. The APA token is not an investment or a security and its value is not expected to fluctuate, and the tokens will not be listed on any exchange. The APA tokens may only be used on the All Public Art website for our community.   It is important that you are aware that APA tokens have always been intended to enhance the lives of artists and art collectors as a utility tool on the All Public Art platform, and not a digital currency to be traded for profit or investment purposes.

We are in the process of assessing a specific date regarding the additions to the All Public Art platform and the availability of the APA tokens.  I will announce the official date in the upcoming weeks and will provide details regarding the process for acquiring the APA tokens. 

I am grateful that we will be successfully fulfilling our plans to use the APA token as a powerful tool to help the artists, collectors and art enthusiasts to thrive within the incredible APA community that we have built. 


Warmest regards,

Graham Goddard
All Public Art, LLC 
1055 West 7th Street
33rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Office telephone: 213.283.2498
Toll free: 877.275.7011
E-mail: Graham@allpublicart.com

[1]  Most recently, we had considered an international token sale from and under Malta regulations.  However, the Malta Financial Services Authority recently added additional requirements for Virtual Financial Asset Issuers.  The new requirements can be achieved by All Public Art, however, they would result in a longer wait period for All Public Art to begin using the APA token, within our community.