APA Partners with Video company, Oeuvre Unlimited

All Public Art and Oeuvre Unlimited have partnered to bring you videos featuring artist interviews in various languages.

In All Public Art’s new Video Section, users can discover the stories of artists in English, Chinese and Russian. Oeuvre Unlimited was founded to help art collectors overcome geographic, linguistic and payment processing limitations. The team at Oeuvre Unlimited has documented artists in their studios as they share their stories and explain the intentions behind their artistic endeavors. Featuring artists specializing in various disciplines, All Public Art and Oeuvre Unlimited have come together to help collectors and art enthusiasts learn about emerging artists that are doing impactful and interesting work.

On Oeuvre Unlimited’s platform the artworks by some of the documented artists are available for sale. Oeuvre Unlimited can also connect interested collectors with the galleries and art dealers that have additional available works of the artists. Similar to All Public Art, Oeuvre Unlimited facilitates acquisitions by accepting cryptocurrency as a payment alternative.

Here is a short video with the founder of Oeuvre Unlimited:


All Public Art’s intention is to provide quality content and service to its members and this new partnership ensures that more valuable information is provided to our community.

About Oeuvre Unlimited

Oeuvre Unlimited was founded to help collectors overcome geographic, linguistic and payment processing limitations. We bring you inspiring artists in your language. We connect you with the galleries and dealers that have their available works. We facilitate acquisitions by accepting cryptocurrency as a payment alternative.



About All Public Art

Thanks to our ever-growing community of active users, great art has never been easier to find and share anywhere in the world. Great reviews from artists and art fans have continued to come in as we have continued to develop the app over the years. Follow people whose artistic taste you like, explore art in our 360° Virtual Reality online gallery, browse and discover new artworks from around the world, catch up on art news daily, watch video interviews of artists in their studios and find art events to attend in your area. The All Public Art app is available on the Apple App store and the Google Play store. Artists and art enthusiasts from all around the globe can be a part of our community by registering on the app or on AllPublicArt.com.

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