All Public Art Roadshow and Conferences

We know you have been making the most out of 2018 and so has APA. We’ve been making leaps and bounds to promote our project to empower artists around the world.

APA has made it a point to be present in this year’s important Blockchain conferences to promote our unique mission of merging art and Blockchain technology. Below we have listed the conferences we have been to along with some highlights from each event so that you are up to date with all things APA.


Blockchain World Conference, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Our founder, Graham Goddard, spoke for an hour about “How Blockchain Will Impact the Art Market” at the Blockchain World Conference in New Jersey. The conference had over 4,000 attendees and over 10,000 people streaming live. 


Graham Goddard at BWC


North American Bitcoin Conference, Miami, Florida

APA held a successful private event with token buyers, tech and art enthusiasts. About 100 people were invited to this exclusive party which was hosted in Miami. The purpose of the event was to share our mission and vision of how the art industry could be transformed for the better.


Check out a video of the Miami event here:


London Blockchain Week, London, England

The London event was another great opportunity for publicity that was seized when APA founder and CEO Graham Goddard took to the stage with confidence and explained how he came up with the core concept that powers the APA app.

Here is a video of the presentation if you missed out:


Bitcoin Super Conference, Dallas, Texas

The immense success of the Dallas event was attributable largely to our booth, which was unique and easily distinguishable. We also decided to install a cool gravity booth for attendees to take pictures in and make some awesome memories.

APA also helped host the Dallas Bitcoin Super Conference after-party in association with Decentralized Art Shows. This event showcased the works of different blockchain artists who want to leverage the blockchain technology and share the APA vision of a better art industry.  

Take a look at the video of the after-party here:


Battle of the Cryptos, TokenFest, Crypto Economy, Crypto Invest Summit

March 13th to May 1st was pivotal in promoting brand awareness as APA continued it’s non stop world tour by joining conferences in New York, San Francisco, Singapore and finally Los Angeles the home of APA.

We hope to see you at future events as we move towards our goal of giving power back to the artists and changing the entire art industry for the better.