Advice for Artists during COVID-19


APA is dedicated to helping artists during this very challenging time as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect the art world. Many of our fellow artists have been left with very few options to exhibit their work in art galleries and generate an income to make a living. 

Below, you will find 3 great videos by Creative Capital containing information, tips, and advice to help you to cope and thrive during the pandemic. The series of free online workshops is called, "Coping with COVID," and we hope that you are able to get some valuable information during this time. here are the videos:


1. Coping with COVID: Financial Implications for Creative Individuals

This virtual gathering provides an overview of the financial implications of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is meant to help creative individuals cope with the unique financial challenges they face and provide tangible strategies for coping with the ongoing uncertainty. 


2. Coping with COVID: Centering Wellness and Self-Care for Creatives

Rhonda Wheatley discusses how artists might rethink productivity, as many attempt to maintain a sense of “business as usual” when things are anything but usual.


3. Coping with COVID: Time Management During Challenging Times

This online workshop presents tips, tools, and resources to create a better structure, take control of your environment, manage your time better as we continue to work from home.