5 Healthy Habits for Artists

There are many artists around the world who struggle to make a living doing the work they are passionate about. Most of them fail to realize that you need more than just passion within yourself. You must be ready to face all hardships that you may experience in this journey: patience, dedication, mindset, and a healthy strategy/routine that increases the chances of success. You can apply certain habits into your daily routine to make your artistic journey easier. Here are 5 areas of life that can enhance your life:


1. Manage Stress to Increase Creativity

If you are an artist you might be able to relate to the common problem of stress affecting your creative output. Artists tend to run out of ideas and eventually end up being too hard on themselves, which can hamper productivity and lead to demotivation. The key is to give your mind some rest until you are ready to brainstorm new ideas. Stress and anxiety are actually the reason why some artists run out of ideas. The energy that would normally go towards creating new artwork is spent on unhealthy thoughts when we are stressed. Manage your stress and anxiety by doing some of the following: spending more time in nature, being with loved ones, doing activities that are fun, experiencing events that fulfill you, helping others in need, or simply being still and at peace in a place that calms you.


2. Manage Consistant Productivity

The best method to increase your productivity is to set small targets. Try not to put on too much work on your shoulders. Don’t think about how long it would take to finish something, instead you need to focus on doing the best of what can handle doing today. Take short breaks after every few hours of work. You may utilize these short breaks by taking a walk outside, listening music, or watching your favorite television program for 20-30 minutes.


3. Pay Attention to your Spiritual and Mental Health

Some artists are extra sensitive and emotional, resulting in a hyperawareness of how stressful things can get. If we are not very careful about our spiritual and mental health, things can go from bad to worse and we might end up losing interest in the things we love to do. It’s necessary to spend some calm and peaceful moments throughout the day for example: taking a morning walk in a park nearby, doing yoga, praying or meditating. When you feel like you need a break, take it. Never hesitate to seek additional help from a professional if you feel that its necessary. We all have challenges in life and it's important to take care of yourself during the journey.


4. Personal Branding

If you are interested in more exposure and getting the word out about your artwork it is important to know how to promote yourself. You must spend some time building connections. This could be done by taking advice from people you are inspired by or from a mentor. Make social connections by networking at art events and in your community. Also, never underestimate the power of social media.  Post your work and let people know about your artistic journey.


5. Financial Planning

If you want to live your life to its fullest without worrying about money, you must learn to save your money for tomorrow. There are also artist grants and residencies that you can apply for to help you survive as an artist. If you happen to be on a budget, be strict with yourself and only spend money when you really have to spend it. Many artist have seasons where the money pours in from an art exhibit and other seasons when there is no money coming in. Look for passive income opportunities such as creating a tutorial course about art on udemy.com or create your own fundraising program on websites like patreon.com. Also, make sure to build a network of collectors and supporters to always present new artwork to.


There's no blueprint to becoming a successful artist because we are all different.  Just remember to enjoy the journey and embrace the challenges.